2023/7/17 NY Report 03 How American women view their bodies Case 2: Dolly (80s)

Continuing from the last time, TOMO, a freelance writer based in New York who has lived in the United States for 23 years, shares what American women think about their bodies. Let me introduce you.

The heroine this time is my friend Dolly (pseudonym), who is in her 80s. I never imagined I would be interviewing a woman who is almost the same age as my mother on this topic (I would never have a conversation like this with my own mother...)!

NY report 03
How American women view their bodies
Case2: Dolly (80s)

Even now, at the age of 84, he still spends more than half of the week sweating it out on the tennis court and swimming once a week. He also has a sharp mind, works as an active financial planner, and is a strong man who still enjoys dating and sex even in his 80s. We bring you the real voice of a super active "super senior" who casually says that when it comes to dating, "I just want to have sex."