“Inner Beauty Booster” is a new idea that expands women’s possibilities.

An inner beauty booster created by looking at the origin of a woman's body and pursuing self-care from the root. We take care of your concerns in your most important sensitive areas, starting with the vagina, which is an organ unique to women, and invite you to a fresh, energetic mind and body.

<Three keywords that lead to a real feeling>

Keyword ① Delivered from the vagina

The vagina, which is said to have 42 times the absorption capacity *1 compared to the skin, delivers ingredients that are effective for regeneration. Not only does it help balance the normal bacteria in the vagina and prevent problems that can occur in the delicate zone, such as odor, dryness, and rashes, but it also provides anti-aging care and helps transform the mind and body into a positive cycle from the very beginning. .

*1 Difference in percutaneous absorption rate based on the inside of the arm