Leading to unwavering confidence with the “power of origins”

A woman's body is greatly affected by age and the balance of female hormones. As we move through life stages, from sexual maturation (pregnancy and childbirth) to menopause (menopause) and old age, concerns about our bodies change as well.
Before you know it, you've adapted to your hectic daily routine, and when you suddenly stop, you notice something strange about your body...

In order to achieve the future that each individual desires, I would like to think of an approach to prevent this from happening, rather than just dealing with what happened.
KYO's products were developed with this in mind.

In order to get closer to the person you envision, the important thing is to maintain a healthy mind and body that allows you to be self-centered and make choices that are truly your own. However, the mental and physical problems faced by each person are different.

Therefore, at KYO, we focus on our origins: the 37 trillion cells that make up who we are. We are particular about ingredients and safety as a product that awakens the power inherent in our origins, prepares our minds and bodies, and supports our confidence in who we are.

Commitment ① Ingredients

Regenerative medicine aims to restore tissues and organs that have been injured or have lost their function by culturing and propagating stem cells collected from one's own body and transplanting them into the body. It is also called fundamental treatment as a medical treatment that utilizes the human's "power to regenerate the body," and is considered to be one of the most popular treatments.

At KYO, we focus on the function of "stem cells" used in regenerative medicine. We use the undiluted solution of human stem cell culture fluid, an ingredient that has proven evidence to be effective in regeneration, and have stabilized the ingredient by making it into liposomes so that it can be delivered in a fresh state.

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Commitment ② Safety

Since it is something that you take into your body, we pay particular attention to its safety so that you can use it with confidence.

KYO's products are manufactured in "GMP certified factories" that have acquired ISO 22716, the international standard for manufacturing quality and safety, and are "additive-free" without the use of seven former designated ingredients such as methyl paraben, mineral oil, heavy metals, fragrances, and phenoxyethanol. Prescription.”

The essential "human stem cell culture medium" is a supernatant liquid (culture supernatant) produced during the process of culturing human stem cells, which is said to be less likely to cause rejection or foreign body reactions in the body, using tissues collected from Japanese donors. Adopt only extracts (microbial testing conducted).
Donors are tested for infectious diseases *1 twice before and after collection, and cells in culture are also tested *2 for contamination by viruses and mycoplasma.

*1: Infectious disease test items: HBV (hepatitis B), HCV (hepatitis C), HIV, HTLV, PVB19, syphilis *2: Virus test items: HBV, HCV, HIV, HTLV, PVB19, CMV, EB, WNV