2023/09/02 September's "Food and Drug Recipes" to energize your cells from Chinese herbal pharmacist Ai Okubo

Introducing a ``zucchini recipe'' that will help you maintain a healthy body even when the seasons change.

In September, the end of summer, there is the Autumnal Equinox, which marks the turning point of the yin and yang cycle that occurs twice a year. The climate changes significantly before the autumnal equinox, and after that, the weather calms down, transitioning into full-fledged autumn, and eventually entering the dry season.

Let's build a body that can withstand the change of seasons by taking three steps now: ``measures against fatigue'' accumulated during the intense heat, ``measures against autonomic nervous system'' due to changes in atmospheric pressure, and ``measures against immunity'' in preparation for the dry season. .

This time, we will introduce recipes for ``Zucchini and salmon curly marinade for a rust-free body'' and ``Nutritious zucchini and pork side dish soup'' using zucchini, a key ingredient for September that rejuvenates cells from cells, by Chinese medicine pharmacist Ai Okubo. Masu.

Get healthy from the cells of Chinese medicine pharmacist Ai Okubo
September's "Food and Medicine Recipes"