Ai Okubo, a Chinese medicine pharmacist, tells us
Self-medication in July

vol.3 Build a foundation for your body to survive the summer

The summer solstice has arrived, and the sun has moved into its official summer position. In July, the thick clouds that brought rain gradually disappear, and the rainy season begins to end. The long-awaited summer is finally here, but it will cause damage to our bodies in a different way than the rainy season.

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・Mind and body tendencies

・Common disorders

・Trouble-solving medication

mind and body tendencies

On the other hand, summer is also a time of fun leisure activities such as fireworks, festivals, the beach, and camping. In order to enjoy this summer to the fullest, it is essential to take care of your health.

In July, when the heat increases, it is difficult to control the temperature from day to night, and the high temperature and humidity make it difficult for sweat to evaporate, making it difficult to regulate body temperature, which can disrupt the autonomic nervous system. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the spleen is susceptible to weakness until the end of the rainy season, and once the rainy season is over, the ``heart'' is susceptible to weakness.

Therefore, until the end of the rainy season, care should be taken to support the ``spleen'' by especially supporting the digestive system and water metabolism, and once the rainy season is over, care should be taken to support the ``heart'' by taking measures against active oxygen caused by UV rays and stress. It will be easier to keep your mind and body in order.

Disorders that are likely to occur

Recently, it has become difficult to set the temperature of your air conditioner on a daily basis, and you are finding yourself having more nights where you cannot sleep soundly. When the quality of your sleep deteriorates, you may feel sluggish in the morning or feel so tired that you want to lie down during the day.

As the climate changes, the amount of sweat we produce also increases. At this time, many people are aware that water and minerals are lost through sweat. So, are you all getting enough water and minerals?

A lack of water and minerals can cause problems with your muscles and neurotransmitters, which can cause your legs to stiffen or your facial muscles to twitch. Before these symptoms appear, check your temperature, the type of water you drink, and whether you are properly ingesting the minerals depleted through sweat .

Additionally, when the autonomic nervous system is disrupted during this period, the ``heart'' becomes weak and heat tends to build up in the body, leading to symptoms such as hot flushes, hot flashes in the hands and feet, anxiety, clear eyes at night, and a sense of irritability.

When it's hot and you're tired, you may find yourself focusing only on how comfortable you are in the moment, such as lowering the temperature of the air conditioner or drinking only cold drinks. However, in order to fight against the intense heat that is getting hotter every year, it is also important to be aware of whether you are taking actions now that will help you stay healthy in a week, two weeks, and next month. .

I want to live a life where I can assist my future self in a positive direction, rather than in a negative way.

Trouble-solving medication

This is the time to build up your body's foundation in preparation for the summer, which requires endurance.

The first thing to do is to realize once again that we create energy through eating and breathing.

It also supports the function of the stomach and intestines and improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Avoid eating foods that put stress on your stomach and intestines, and be conscious of chewing your food thoroughly to aid digestion.

Also, when your breathing becomes shallow, your autonomic nervous system is more likely to be disrupted, so check to see if you're unconsciously slouching, and if you notice, try taking deep breaths. It's also a good idea to practice abdominal breathing when you sleep.

We recommend incorporating foods that help with digestion, such as okra, molokiya, cabbage, daikon radish, turnip, Japanese yam, and pickled plums .

In addition, to replenish the minerals depleted through sweat, it is also a good idea to consume protein found in meat, seafood, and beans, B group vitamins, and medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil. These nutrients are also suitable for restoring the energy that tends to be taken away by the heat.

When the climate changes rapidly, you should be able to stay healthy and comfortable at all times by changing your behavior flexibly.


Ai Okubo

Pharmacist, Chinese medicine counselor. She studied Chinese medicine, medicinal cuisine, and oriental beauty at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became the first Japanese to receive an international TCM cosmetology qualification. After managing herbal medicine pharmacies, dispensing pharmacies, and beauty salons, she became involved in product development, writing, and corporate consulting as a medical and beauty expert, including herbal medicine and herbal medicine.

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