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July's "Food and Medicine Recipes"

[July 2023]
``All-purpose okra recipe'' to comfortably welcome the end of the rainy season

July is a month of major environmental changes, with air conditioning and ultraviolet rays becoming stronger on clear, cloudless days, and hot, humid, and low-pressure weather on days when clouds block the sun.
Sweating consumes minerals and water, and changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure can disrupt your autonomic nervous system, making your mind and body more sensitive.
In July, when the environment is harsh for the body, go back to basics and supplement your body with protein, B vitamins, and minerals that support your ability to digest and absorb nutrients and nourish your energy.

◆Key ingredients for July


When you feel tired, Chinese medicine approaches the body by adjusting the functions of the stomach and intestines and water metabolism, so that ``Qi'', ``Blood'', and ``Water'' are enriched and circulate smoothly.

Okra, which has a sticky component that supports gastrointestinal function, is a key ingredient for July. It is also useful for suppressing the fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which are also involved in controlling emotions, and for improving the brain-gut relationship (the close interaction between the brain and intestines) by regulating the intestinal environment.

◆Recipe introduction

Okra and Jaco with Katsuobushi

okra recipe

A small bowl that is like a nutritious supplement made with okra, which helps with gastrointestinal function, and jackfruit and bonito flakes, which contain minerals, protein, and B group vitamins that are often lacking at this time of year.

Ingredients: 5 okra, 1 tbsp.
1 tablespoon ground sesame seeds
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon mirin
3 pieces of perilla leaves

How to make ① Warm the okra in the microwave (600W) for about 30 seconds.
②Cut the okra into 5mm width pieces and chop the shiso leaves.
③ Add all the ingredients and mix well.


okra recipe

Just as a single item. You can also use it on tofu, natto, salad, or rice.

Okra and paprika oyakodon

okra recipe

A bowl of rice that will help you get out of the harsh environment of early summer with chicken, garlic, and eggs that give you energy, and paprika that has antioxidant properties that protect against UV rays. Completely replenishes the nutrients you need with just one item!

Ingredients (2 servings)

2 okra (1cm)
2 fillets (sprinkle with salt and cut into bite-sized pieces)
1/2 paprika (diced)
1 clove of garlic (sliced)


2 beaten eggs 1 teaspoon mirin
2 teaspoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons water
Salt and pepper to taste Rice to taste

How to make ① Cut the okra into about 1cm, sprinkle the fillet with salt and cut into bite-sized pieces, dice the paprika, and slice the garlic.
② Fry all ingredients in a frying pan.
③ Mix A and pass through ② until it reaches the desired consistency. Pour over the rice in a bowl and serve.


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Pharmacist, Chinese herbal medicine counselor. She studied Chinese medicine, medicinal cuisine, and oriental beauty at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became the first Japanese to receive an international TCM cosmetology qualification. After managing herbal medicine pharmacies, dispensing pharmacies, beauty salons, etc., she became involved in product development, writing, and corporate consulting as a medical and beauty expert, including Chinese medicine and medicinal foods.

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