From pregnancy and childbirth to menopausal care!
Discovering a femtech section at a long-established department store
~Report on the current state of femtech seen in Paris③~

In Paris Report ③, we will tell you about the femtech related departments that we saw in department stores. Whenever I go to Paris, I love visiting the department stores in the city because I get to see the world's most cutting-edge sales floors. Paris is a city of fashion, so we have created sales floors that are one step or two ahead of the curve, not only for information about fashion, but also for beauty, healthcare, and recently, SDGs.

In Japan, items related to femtech can now be found in corners of sales floors, including the "michi kake" zone that opened at Daimaru Umeda store in November 2019, and Beauty Apothecary at Isetan Shinjuku store. Now, let's take a look at what the femtech situation is like in department stores in Paris.

Lots of femtech items for all ages!

The first place I visited was Le Bon Marche, which is probably my personal favorite department store. It is said to be the world's first department store, opened in 1852. In 1984, it became a subsidiary of LVMH, the company that owns Louis Vuitton and Dior, and is known as a long-established department store that stocks everything from luxury brands to up-and-coming brands.

My personal impression is that the product lineup is more unique than any other department store. We carry not only products that are currently selling well, but also brands that will take off in the future, and we believe that our curation skills are the best among department stores in Paris.

The first thing I discovered at Bon Marche was the pop-up store of ``gapianne.'', a select shop for femtech items. This brand was founded in 2021 by four female entrepreneurs who wondered why there were no products that could make menstruation, childbirth, and menopause a problem that half of the population faces, yet they felt comfortable with.

In addition to items that are familiar in Japan, such as menstrual cups and water-absorbing shorts, the store also carries items related to menopause, which has recently become popular in Japan. There is a lineup of products that approach menopause-related concerns, such as supplements that reduce hot flashes and herbal teas that contain CBD.

The maternity care lineup includes a portable washlet (green bottle), perineal massage oil designed by midwives, and nursing bras with absorbent pads. All of them have stylish packaging, and you'll feel good even if you put them in your bathroom or toilet!

The pop-up store ended in April 2023, but the official online store also seems to be shipping to Japan.

The innovative display will stop you in your tracks.

As I continued my research on Bon Marche, I discovered a pop-up store by LOVE STORIES, a lingerie brand from Amsterdam that is popular in Japan!

The visuals she posted on Instagram were really cute and sensual, and I was thrilled every time I saw her posts.

I thought it was cute and noticed that along with lifestyle products such as bathrobes and candles, and health care products such as muscle training goods and supplements, there were also self-pleasure goods!

The lineup allows you to understand at a glance what the brand positions as wellness. A few years ago, self-pleasure goods would not have been lined up here, so it was at that moment that I felt that times had changed.

``Le Bon Marche'' attracts many tourists, but it also has a huge food store, so it seems to be loved by locals as well. Because it is said to be the oldest place in the world, there is a sense of security and a sense of familiarity that makes you feel welcome at any time. That's why I thought that even people who are not familiar with femtech would be able to pick up our products with confidence and think, ``This is the place for me.''

Next time, I will report on the femtech department I saw at Galeries Lafayette, a popular department store in Paris!