NY Report 01 Women's Health and Wellness is being reconsidered in America

I'm TOMO, a freelance writer who has been in the United States for 23 years. In the United States, I feel like we're hearing the phrase "Women's Health and Wellness" more often than ever recently.
This term refers to a woman's physical and mental health throughout her life, including adolescence (sex education), menstruation, contraception, pregnancy and childbirth, prevention of gynecological diseases, mental health, menopause, and sexual wellness. It includes a variety of issues such as:
After the coronavirus pandemic, various issues surrounding women (unwanted childbirth and abortion, relationships with partners, sexual violence (including domestic violence), mental health, etc.) have come to light, and this word has been reaffirmed. It seems that it has become.
In the United States, in June 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is unconstitutional, and women felt a strong sense of crisis, saying, ``The right to protect our bodies and lives is being threatened!'' It may have been.

Utilizing technology to improve women's QOL

Women's Health and Wellness not only includes examinations at medical institutions (gynecological examinations, mammography, etc.) to prevent diseases specific to women, but also physical changes during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. This includes efforts to alleviate the burden of modulation, improve quality of life (QOL), and overcome it.

The other day, a friend of mine who has lived in the US for over 20 years experienced ``vaginal activity''. The tool is used to retrain the pelvic floor muscles, which have loosened due to aging or childbirth.
A small silicone weight is inserted into the vagina and the muscles around the vagina are tightened for 15 minutes every day. The weights are linked to an app, and there is also a tool that allows you to manage your workout menu on your smartphone and measure the strength of your pelvic floor muscles to measure the effectiveness of your workout.
The reason why vaginal activity is attracting attention is because strengthening your bladder control, core, and pelvic floor muscles can improve your sex life.

In addition, there are apps that measure the temperature of your wrist with a smartwatch to determine the timing of ovulation, which can be used to help you conceive, as well as an app that warms your breasts and massages them deep inside to unclog your milk ducts. , massage devices that make it easier to produce breast milk have also appeared, and a variety of technology-based products have become reliable allies for women who want to become pregnant and new mothers.

The progress of FemTech is yet to come.

A series of fields that use technology to improve women's health and quality of life is called "FemTech," and it has been attracting attention in New York for the past few years. According to a specialized research firm, the global FemTech market is expected to continue growing at an average annual rate of 13.3% over the five years until 2025, reaching a scale of $75.1 billion.
Isn't it exciting to think that technology can alleviate and solve problems unique to women and allow women to unleash their true potential?

Every month from now on, we will bring you the latest information on Women's Health and Wellness and FemTech from New York. I would be happy if it could be of some use to your mental and physical health!

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