Focus>>KYO Co., Ltd. Representative Yurika Seo
Toward a future where you can achieve who you want to be without being influenced by hormones.

``KNOW YOUR ORIGIN'' proposes self-care products with a new concept using ``human stem cell culture fluid'' that has the power to regenerate, based on the brand concept of ``Be proud of yourself now.'' Four months have already passed since the launch in April 2023.
Representative Yurika Seo would like to express her gratitude and send a message to everyone who uses our memorable 1st product ``Beauty Charge -Femcare-'' and everyone who is interested in ``KNOW YOUR ORIGIN.'' I will deliver it.

——Why did you decide to deliver the message directly in your own words this time?

When we first launched the brand, we wanted everyone to know about "Beauty Charge -Femcare-". This is a product that has been made with a lot of thought and care. Sales are limited to EC sites, but thankfully word of mouth on SNS has spread, and many people have become aware of ``Beauty Charge -Femcare-'' even though it is an unfamiliar product called vaginal serum. It's done.
I decided to take this opportunity because I thought it would create a point of contact with everyone as a brand and that by talking about my own experiences, I could further convey what "KNOW YOUR ORIGIN" values.

——I heard that the starting point for “KNOW YOUR ORIGIN” was your own experience.

That's right. At my previous job at an investment company, I was completely immersed in my work, working until midnight every day and leaving the house before 6am. Even though I was burdened with great responsibility, I felt a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life every day. That's why I overlooked the various ailments that appeared in my body, citing my busy schedule.
Eventually, in 2021, my periods stopped for several months, and I was advised to see an obstetrician and gynecologist. As a result of the test, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease, which is the leading cause of infertility in the United States. It is a disease thought to be caused by an excess of male hormones. Treatment involves hormone therapy, but since the treatment changes depending on whether or not I want to have children, I was forced to reconsider my future career plans and lifestyle.
Thanks to the treatment, she became pregnant in 2022, but suffered a miscarriage at 9 to 11 weeks. At that time, I realized that it wasn't just about getting pregnant, it was also important to prepare the uterine environment for the fetus to grow.
Focus>>KYO Co., Ltd. Representative Yurika Seo Toward a future where you can achieve who you want to be without being influenced by hormones

——The starting point of ``KNOW YOUR ORIGIN,'' which is not ``dealing with what happened,'' but ``an approach to prevent it from happening,'' is based on your thoughts through experience.

yes. This experience made me keenly aware of the importance of hormonal balance, and I decided to start a business to create a society where women can live comfortably. I launched ``KNOW YOUR ORIGIN'' as a brand to solve problems faced by women, hoping that my experience would support other women.
Women's hormone secretion begins to increase little by little from the age of 7 to 8, and once menstruation begins, women experience menstrual pain and PMS every month. Infertility, candida, hives, menopause, menopause... Women are constantly affected by hormones and have to deal with them throughout their lives.
The brand name "KNOW YOUR ORIGIN" has the meaning of reconsidering and having a dialogue with one's origins. The reason why we developed the vaginal beauty serum "Beauty Charge -Femcare-", which uses "human stem cell culture fluid" produced from the umbilical cord, which is the freshest of all cells, is based on our own origins, focusing on the vagina, which is important for women. This is because we wanted to support the health and beauty of women who must continue to deal with their hormonal balance by creating products that work on their cells.

——We have received happy comments from everyone who has used “Beauty Charge -Femcare-”.

We have received many comments such as ``My skin becomes smooth and shiny,'' ``I feel less tired,'' and ``My chronic candida has improved.''
Manami Kuroda, an anti-aging specialist, says, ``It is said that adjusting the vaginal environment has a positive effect on the implantation rate and pregnancy rate. "It's important to be in good condition," and they sympathize with the concept and products of "KNOW YOUR ORIGIN," which focuses on "human stem cell culture fluid" that has a positive effect on cells (mucosal membranes).

——I have heard that there are other reports as well.

This is a personal matter, but I am now 8 months pregnant with my first child. She is scheduled to give birth in October 2023. The purpose of this report is to give those who are worried that even if they suffer from a disease that causes infertility, such as polycystic ovary disease, a path may open up if they don't give up. I wanted to share with you the importance of self-care so you don't have to go through the same experience as me.
We also plan to use the Stem Cell Research Institute's storage service, which will collect and store the umbilical cord and cord blood during childbirth. This will also contribute to regenerative medicine, and if your child or their sibling develops symptoms such as cerebral palsy, it will be possible to administer umbilical cord blood or a cultured umbilical cord.
Focus>>KYO Co., Ltd. Representative Yurika Seo Toward a future where you can achieve who you want to be without being influenced by hormones

——Finally, a message.

I myself have come into contact with a lot of information and put it into practice during my pregnancy journey. Therefore, in ``KNOW YOUR ORIGIN'', I will be providing ``Journal'' with content that conveys various information about body building and the importance of daily self-care, and I will also be able to directly answer your concerns so that you can feel free to consult with me about your body-related concerns. We have prepared a personalized chat space on our EC site where you can ask questions. We hope you will take advantage of it.
“So that women don’t have to give up on who they want to be. So that women can be more themselves. ”. "KNOW YOUR ORIGIN" will continue to be a brand that supports and supports women's self-realization.


Yurika Seo

Graduated from Keio University Graduate School MBA in 2019. In the same year, he joined JAFCO Group Co., Ltd. and worked on the buyout team in sourcing, execution, and PMI. Executed 3 regular investments and 1 roll-up investment. Appointed as director of four companies. Based on her own experience, she established the wellness brand KYO Co., Ltd. in December 2022, because the problem of women's hormone balance has a great impact on women's advancement in society. Appointed representative director.