Beauty Charge -Femcare- 3 bottles (regular/free shipping) tax included


1㎖×3 bottles

Recommended to use one bottle a day for three consecutive days.

*Do not use during pregnancy, menstruation, or when experiencing symptoms such as vaginitis.

A drop turns into power

KYO Beauty Charge Femcare is an ``inner beauty booster'' that evokes the power of our origins, containing an undiluted solution of ``human stem cell culture fluid'', an ingredient effective for regeneration.
It delivers ingredients to the vagina, which is said to have 42 times the absorption power of the skin *1 , and helps maintain the vaginal bacterial balance in a good condition, preparing you for troubles and worries.
Build a strong and supple mind and body through vaginal self-care, and live a life that shines in your own way.

*1 Difference in percutaneous absorption rate based on the inside of the arm

Concerns about the delicate zone
・A lot of vaginal discharge, etc.

mind and body troubles
・Menopausal disorders
・Rough skin, etc.

A healthy vagina is maintained at an acidic level (PH 3.7 to 4.5), which prevents the invasion of bacteria and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria. However, when the hormonal balance is disrupted due to stress or fatigue, the bacterial balance in the vagina is also disrupted, which can lead to various problems and disorders. The basis for creating a healthy and beautiful mind and body may lie in keeping the vagina in good condition.