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The importance of knowing which options are good for your body in the future

Limerime is a sanitary products brand born in January 2023 based on the concept of new + be. Panty liners and water-absorbing pads made from natural bamboo materials are being carried by an increasing number of shops, as they are products that are kind to both the body and the environment.

The collaboration project with KYO was realized because both brands develop care products for delicate zones and support women's wellness. This time, we spoke to Shion Sudo, the representative of VVV Co., Ltd., the company behind "limerime."

——Mr. Sudo, who has supported many brands with his creative work, why did you decide to launch “limerime”?

There are two main reasons for this. One is that I experienced pregnancy and childbirth 12 years ago, and my son was born with a food allergy. I began to think deeply about the effects of what we eat and what touches our skin, and at the same time, I thought, ``If I had lived a more conscious life, maybe my son's constitution would have been different...'' My interest turned to a certain womb, and by extension, the mother's body and health.

Another thing is that while working on branding and marketing, I had the opportunity to talk to many women, and I realized that sanitary products were a representative example of things that I bought even though I was not completely satisfied with them. . I was stunned by the fact that so many people were somehow purchasing this product, even though it is an essential hygiene product used for women's important organs and delicate areas.

From these experiences, I realized the importance of creating products that modern women want, that are good in all aspects such as functionality, convenience, safety, and service.

——Currently, we are developing panty liners and water-absorbing pads, but what were the points you focused on during development?

The most important thing is the feel. We believe that this is an important point in ensuring a comfortable stay, and in addition to being smooth to the touch, the top sheet is made of bamboo fibers, which are said to have antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Wood pulp was used for the absorber. It does not cause itching, rashes, stuffiness, or odors, and because no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, it is a sanitary product that is gentle on people with sensitive or dry skin.

The absorption rate is slightly lower than that of petroleum-based absorbents (polymers), but as a result of considering the characteristics of the item, ``Is it really best to be able to use it for a long time?'' As a result, we found that it is hygienic to replace it frequently. We hope that this product will help raise awareness and values ​​related to safety at work, and we have created a product that will provide an opportunity for thinking while also considering the convenience of working women.

——What are your expectations from the collaboration with KYO?

To be honest, I was a little hesitant about "Beauty Charge -Femcare-" at first because I know so much about the body. However, when I tried using it, my body felt better the next day and I felt more resilient.

Many women are starting businesses and entering the femtech market, which has high expectations, as a way to express themselves. Horizontal connections are important. By collaborating with companies that portray the same image as our company, such as KYO, which works not only on product development but also on changes in society's existing values ​​and people's consciousness, we can enhance each other and communicate what we need to convey to users. I hope we can expand the number of places where we can do this.

——Mr. Sudo, please tell us about the society you are aiming for.

Partly due to the increased interest in femtech, I feel that women have more options in all aspects. On the other hand, there are many people who have not been able to reach the information, and I have a strong desire to spread the information to as many people as possible.

For example, when it comes to menstruation, more information is passed on between family members than information from outside. In other words, the information and consciousness held by the mother is passed on to the child. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to create an environment where parents' generation can access correct information through sanitary products that can be used by the second and third generations.

While you are in your teens and 20s and still have little knowledge of sex education, you should pay attention to your own uterine environment and your own body, and consciously choose from various options to determine how your future body will shape up. I would like to continue disseminating information so that people can choose what they think is good.

"limerime" is particular about the design and materials of its packaging, but by dispelling the stereotype that sanitary products are something to hide, and by using biodegradable materials, environmental considerations are no longer basic. We express that as a brand.

——Finally, a message.

I think people who are interested in KYO products are highly conscious about their own bodies. Therefore, I would be happy if you could spread the idea of ​​products and brands, increase the number of people you can talk to about your body, and create an environment where people can talk about their bodies.

Even just menstrual pain may be a sign of some illness. Let's work together to create a society where people no longer have to ignore such pain and small worries.


Shion Sudo

Representative director of VVV Co., Ltd. (brand: limerime). Focusing on creativity, he conducts branding and project management for major sports brands and cosmetic brands, and established VVV Co., Ltd. in 2021.
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