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Self-medication in September

vol.5 Two Chinese herbal methods that are effective during the change of seasons

It's the season where a pleasant breeze blows, albeit little by little.
September is a major turning point in the ``yin and yang'' that occurs twice a year. We enter the ``shadow'' season on September 23rd, the autumnal equinox, when the position of the sun moves into autumn. For this reason, the sky tends to remain unstable until the autumnal equinox, with the weather switching back and forth between summer and autumn.
As a result, changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature occur frequently, causing chaos within the body in order to adapt to the changes. Also, as the weather begins to calm down after the autumnal equinox, the air gradually becomes drier.
As people living on Earth, we understand that changes in the environment occur in the same way every year, and we can flexibly change our behavior and manage our health by preparing in advance and guessing the causes of illness. It is necessary to continue.

Table of Contents, Mind and Body Trends, Common Disorders, Trouble-Resolving Medications

mind and body tendencies

The human body has a function called "homeostasis" that keeps the body in a constant state even when there are various changes in the outside world. The autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system involved in hormone secretion, and the immune system maintain the mind and body .
Therefore, during this time of year when the climate changes significantly, the autonomic nervous system, hormone secretion, immune function, etc. are disrupted, leading to loss of motivation, irritability, inability to sleep, irregular menstruation, worsening of PMS, and problems associated with menstruation. I tend to be a bit unstable, making my skin problems worse and catching colds more easily.

Self-medication for September from Chinese medicine pharmacist Ai Okubo

Disorders that are likely to occur

In addition to the problems caused by disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, hormone secretion, and immune function, dryness is something you should be careful about from this time of year.
After the autumnal equinox, dry winds gradually come to the Japanese archipelago. IgA, which is involved in mucosal immunity, exists in the mucous membranes of the skin, mouth, nose, eyes, and intestines, but its function decreases when the mucous membranes become dry or the intestinal environment deteriorates.
For these reasons , it is best to take measures for the autonomic nervous system in response to the drastic changes in the climate in the first half of September, and to take measures to prevent dryness and the intestinal environment in the second half.
The intestinal environment is linked to the condition of the skin, so if you are concerned about skin problems such as cracked fingertips, peeling lips, or itching due to dry skin, keeping your intestinal health in check should be a priority.

Trouble-solving medication

During times of many changes, it is important to avoid eating habits that are fundamental to your diet, such as eating too much carbohydrates, eating foods that cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, eating without chewing thoroughly, and eating until you are full. This is a major premise.
In addition, during the first half of September, we support the absorption of nutrients by eating foods that help with digestion, such as daikon radish, turnips, and Chinese yam, and do ``hochuekki'' (replenishing the inside of the body and generating qi).
In the second half, we aim to cleanse the intestines by ``hydrating the intestines and improving bowel movements'' with foods containing water-soluble dietary fiber such as okra, mekabu, mozuku, kelp, and moroheiya. Masu.
The recommended medicine is the all-purpose chicken soup. If you add chicken wings or chicken wings instead of the granular soup stock when making it, it will help correct the condition of dry mucous membranes and skin.
You can make a strong-flavored soup stock that is rich in low-molecular collagen, vitamin A, and minerals, so give it a try if you're not feeling well.
By simmering for at least 90 minutes over medium-low heat, there is less chance of boiling over or burning the pot, so you can easily create a menu that gives the impression of being a good cook and allows you to start the fall healthy. It goes great with any toppings or seasonings, so be sure to stock up on chicken wings and chicken wings.

When it comes to health and diet, the choices you make will vary greatly depending on what you know or don't know. The accumulation of small choices will build the structure of the future. When you have time, it's good to be conscious of choosing actions that are meaningful to your body.


Self-medication for September from Chinese medicine pharmacist Ai Okubo

Ai Okubo

Pharmacist, Chinese herbal medicine counselor. She studied Chinese medicine, medicinal cuisine, and oriental beauty at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became the first Japanese to receive an international TCM cosmetology qualification. After managing herbal medicine pharmacies, dispensing pharmacies, beauty salons, etc., she became involved in product development, writing, and corporate consulting as a medical and beauty expert, including Chinese medicine and medicinal foods.

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