A permanent femtech corner has opened in a department store at a tourist attraction.
~Report on the current state of femtech seen in Paris④~

In Paris Report ④, following on from last time, we will be reporting on femtech-related departments that we saw at department stores.

This time I visited Galeries Lafayette, the world's largest department store. The dome-shaped ceiling that symbolizes Art Nouveau is beautiful no matter how many times you see it, and is a tourist attraction in Paris.

In 2021, the store is challenging itself to become a new department store, with a permanent (and quite spacious!) section for used clothing and vintage wear from famous brands. In July 2022, the wellness and beauty floor was relocated and expanded to the first basement floor, where femtech items were handled.

From beauty to femtech

Galeries Lafayette is one of the most visited department stores in Paris. It is a stop on the Roissy bus, which connects directly to the airport, and is conveniently located right next to the Opéra Garnier, one of Paris' most famous tourist attractions. During my stay this time, I headed here first after arriving in Paris from the airport.
If "Le Bon Marche", which we talked about last time, is classic, "Galeries Lafayette" is modern. There are trend-conscious items and items that will keep tourists from all over the world from getting bored.

Since Galeries Lafayette is such a place, it makes sense that they would have a permanent femtech booth. We carry a wide range of beauty products, from items that you can buy as souvenirs to niche goods that you don't often see.
The femtech items are located at a booth with a selection of items such as skin care and hair care. The genres range from menstruation to maternity to menopause, just like the previous "gapianne." The unique feature is that they are displayed by category rather than by brand.

Items that can't be seen in Japan

As I took a closer look, the item that caught my attention was the "talm" in the middle row. I couldn't help but pick it up because of its fashionable visuals.

"talm" is a maternity healthcare brand launched in 2020 by Kenza Keller, who gained experience at Hermès and Byredo, which sells high-quality cosmetic products. Based on my own experience of not being able to find products that were safe to use before and after pregnancy, I am developing supplements to combat postpartum hair loss and organic balms to prevent stretch marks.
There are products for maternity in Japan, but there aren't many that deal with postpartum hair loss, so I'd love to see them come on the market...!

There was also a self-pleasure corner. You can also see how it feels and how it works, so it's likely that you'll find something you've been curious about on the Internet in real life!

There are many types of ``Womanizer'' available in Japan as well. The VIO care balm "BAUBO" is lined up next to the items, and you can see from the display that both products are in the context of self-care.

Report on the current state of femtech seen in Paris③

We also have a wide lineup of products related to mental health, such as meditation items, incense, and natural healing stones. In particular, I saw many natural stone cassas, walking sticks, accessories, and figurines for healing purposes outside of this section, and I felt that they were becoming a trend in Paris. The candle, which has a sensual silhouette shaped like a woman's body, is recommended as a souvenir.

Japanese department stores have begun to carry a lot more femtech items than they did a few years ago, but the range and number of products they offer still does not fully cover women's concerns. In the future, I hope that the store will be like these stores I saw in Paris, where you can find items that can be used from 0 to 100 years old.

Next time, I will report on the items I actually purchased in Paris!