2023/8/18 Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda prevents “hidden inflammation” and increases the effectiveness of “fertility efforts”

Many people may be paying attention to their diet while trying to conceive. However, if the intestinal environment is disturbed, digestion and absorption will be hindered, and even if you take in important nutrients, you will not get the desired effect.

As discussed in the article ``Intestinal activity alone is not enough!? Synergistic effects with 'vaginal care'' published in June 2023, the intestines and vagina have a close relationship.

This time as well, we spoke with Manami Kuroda, who has experience in infertility outpatient treatment and advocates body building and anti-aging from the perspective of molecular nutrition, etc., to eat foods that enhance the effectiveness of "fertility efforts" from a nutritional perspective. We will talk about lifestyle habits.

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Preventing “hidden inflammation” and increasing the effectiveness of “fertility efforts”

Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda Prevents "hidden inflammation" and enhances the effectiveness of "fertility efforts"

Why not start by "knowing" and keep your mind and body in a healthy state without overdoing it?