2023/6/16 For health and beauty
Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda Is intestinal activity alone not enough? A synergistic effect with “vaginal care”

“Intestinal activity” is a big trend in terms of both beauty and health. Maintaining a good intestinal environment has been attracting increasing attention in recent years as it can relieve various physical ailments.

Did you know that the state of this intestinal environment also affects the vaginal environment, which is important for women?

Manami Kuroda, a beauty and anti-aging specialist, gave us an easy-to-understand explanation of the intestinal and vaginal environments, as well as proper care.

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Intestinal activity alone is not enough!? Synergistic effect with “vaginal care”

Would you like to review the relationship between intestinal activity and the vaginal environment and get hints for living a healthy life?