Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda
Preventing “hidden inflammation” and increasing the effectiveness of “fertility efforts”

Many people may be paying attention to their diet while trying to conceive. However, if the intestinal environment is disturbed, digestion and absorption will be hindered, and even if you take in important nutrients, you will not get the desired effect.
As discussed in the article ``Intestinal activity alone is not enough!? Synergistic effects with 'vaginal care'' published in June 2023, the intestines and vagina have a close relationship.
This time as well, we spoke with Manami Kuroda, who has experience in infertility outpatient treatment and advocates body building and anti-aging from the perspective of molecular nutrition, etc., to eat foods that enhance the effectiveness of "fertility efforts" from a nutritional perspective. We will talk about lifestyle habits.

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・The secret to improving egg quality lies in the intestinal environment. ・Be careful when preparing your body for pregnancy!
・Don't overdo your diet and lifestyle when trying to conceive

The secret to improving egg quality lies in the intestinal environment.

——From a nutritional standpoint, are there any nutrients that should be taken while trying to conceive?

First of all, I would like to tell you that rather than having an extreme diet and stressing about what you have to do, it is better to be conscious of the nutritional balance and have fun while eating, which will help you stay mentally and physically healthy and help you get pregnant. is effective.
Speaking of this, the ``mitochondria'' that I talked about in the previous article are deeply involved here as well. Mitochondria exist within the cells that make up our bodies, and have the ability to create the energy our bodies need from the nutrients we ingest. The egg is particularly affected because it contains the most mitochondria of any cell in the body. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of eggs, it is necessary to improve the function of mitochondria.

--That means it's important to maintain the environment in your intestines and vagina.

That's right. When the intestinal environment is disturbed and digestion and absorption become impaired, inflammation occurs in the intestines. This causes mitochondrial function to decline, so ingesting nutrients that prevent or suppress inflammation will ultimately lead to better egg quality.
Vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, which are generally said to be good to take when trying to conceive, are nutrients that improve mitochondrial function. In particular, vitamin D has the effect of normalizing immunity and making it easier for a fertilized egg to implant in the uterus. It is known that folic acid deficiency in early pregnancy can affect the development of the baby's nervous system, so if you are trying to conceive, it is recommended to take the recommended 400 μg per day.
In addition, dietary fiber, fermented foods, etc. to keep the intestines in order. Also, omega-3, which is abundant in blue fish, has the ability to suppress inflammation.
Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda Prevents "hidden inflammation" and enhances the effectiveness of "fertility efforts"

When preparing your body for pregnancy, be careful!

——On the other hand, please let me know if there are any nutrients that I should avoid.

What you need to be careful about is toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. If these accumulate in the body, they can cause premature birth and adversely affect the baby's development. Although it is not well known, silver fillings called amalgams, which were used for dental treatment until recently, may contain mercury, so it is a good idea to check this before starting your pregnancy journey. Masu.

——Is there anything else I should check?

When there is inflammation in the body, mitochondrial function decreases, so be careful of diseases and conditions that can cause chronic inflammation.
For example, in addition to diseases such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, and nasopharyngitis, Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastritis, and Mycoplasma, which causes pneumonia, can unknowingly spread inflammation in the body, so it is recommended to consult a doctor. Recommended.
Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda Prevents "hidden inflammation" and enhances the effectiveness of "fertility efforts"

Don't overdo your diet and lifestyle when trying to conceive

——What should we keep in mind when it comes to our daily meals and lifestyle habits?

Do not consume too much of the foods that disturb the intestinal environment, as introduced in the previous article . Additionally, it is best to avoid large fish (such as tuna, redfin bream, marlin, and whale) to avoid ingesting heavy metals.
Also, I think sometimes we tend to eat processed foods because we are busy, but if they contain preservatives, they can destroy the good bacteria in the body and cause mineral absorption problems, so we avoid them as much as possible. I would like you to avoid using it.
Also, avoid lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and stress.
On the other hand, what I would like you to actively eat are ingredients that are said to be ``egg-friendly.''
Beans and bean products: Sesame seeds: Seaweed, seaweed, vegetables: Fish, shellfish: Shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms: Potatoes and other foods, such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidus, which help regulate the intestinal environment. Bacteria, digestive enzymes, amino acids, etc.
Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda Prevents "hidden inflammation" and enhances the effectiveness of "fertility efforts"
This is a rule of thumb in infertility outpatient clinics, and most of the people suffering from infertility have poor intestinal environments. We recommend that you first go to the hospital to check your own condition, including the presence of harmful heavy metals, the state of your intestinal environment, and nutritional deficiencies, and then review your diet and lifestyle accordingly.
The "human stem cell culture solution" included in KNOW YOUR ORIGIN's "Beauty Charge -Femcare-" is known to have a positive effect on cells (mucosal membranes), so it improves vaginal immunity and improves the vaginal environment. I think we can expect to be able to fix this.
As I mentioned at the beginning, the most important thing when trying to conceive is to avoid stress. It is important to "know" and not force yourself. Make time to relax by warming your body, taking in aromatherapy, meditation, etc. to keep your mind and body healthy.


Aimi Kuroda

After working in endocrine and breast surgery and anesthesiology at Tokyo Women's Medical University, she currently works as a beauty and anti-aging specialist. Based on our belief in "beauty and health from the inside and out," we pursue the "beauty and health of our patients" through both an approach to the outside appearance and an approach to the inside of the body based on preventive medicine and nutrition. ing. He was selected to represent Japan in triathlon, and is the author of the book ``51 Best Anti-Aging Diets and 26 Exercise Techniques Taught by an Athlete Doctor'' (Bugeishunju).

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