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Menopausal problems will disappear if you understand them properly

Menopause becomes a familiar topic once you reach your 40s. As the secretion of female hormones decreases, the hormonal balance is disrupted, and various disorders appear in the mind and body. I think that's the kind of image that comes to mind.
It's natural to want to avoid it if possible. If this is a path that everyone goes through, I want to get through it as easily and calmly as possible.
This time, we spoke to Aimi Kuroda, who has experience in infertility outpatient treatment and advocates body building and anti-aging from the perspective of molecular nutrition, etc., to talk about the problems that tend to occur during menopause and tips for staying healthy from a nutritional perspective. I would like to talk to you.

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・Is it an illness or menopausal symptoms that you want to determine? ・Depression and adrenal fatigue syndrome are often mistaken for each other.
・Self-care to relieve menopausal discomfort

Is it a disease or menopausal symptoms that you want to determine?

——What age does menopause refer to?

The five years before and after menopause are called menopause. The average age of menopause for Japanese people is about 50 years old, so although there are individual differences, it is usually around 45 to 55 years old.
As you reach your mid-40s, some people may notice that their skin and eyes become a little dry, or that their bodies gradually change.

——What are the symptoms of menopause?

The most famous one is hot flashes. This is when the area around your face suddenly becomes hot or you sweat uncontrollably, which is called a hot flash.
In addition, there are various symptoms called ``menopausal symptoms,'' such as stiff shoulders and neck, joint pain, headaches, coldness, dry skin and eyes, insomnia, and depression.
These are called ``indeterminate complaints,'' which are unwellness or symptoms for which the cause is unclear. However, if you think, "Maybe it's a symptom of menopause given your age," and ignore it, an unexpected illness may be lurking, so if you feel unwell, it's best to consult your doctor first.

--Since the symptoms vary widely, you might be wondering which department you should see.

If you experience menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes after you're in your mid-40s, it's time to see a gynecologist. A gynecologist performs a female hormone test to determine the levels of various hormones, including estrogen, and determines whether the symptoms are due to menopausal symptoms.
The one thing to keep in mind is that if there are no abnormalities in hormone values, it is considered an indeterminate complaint rather than a gynecological disease, and the symptomatic treatment is sleep-inducing drugs if you have insomnia, and antidepressants if you tend to be depressed. There is a tendency to prescribe drugs such as drugs and wait and see how things go, so if you are still worried or feel like your condition is not getting better, it may be a good idea to visit another medical department and get a second opinion.

WellnessTips>>Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda If you understand properly, you will be able to eliminate the anxiety of menopause.

“Depression” and “Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome” are easily confused

——Please let me know if there are any diseases whose symptoms are very similar to menopause.

There are two main types: depression and adrenal fatigue syndrome. The symptoms of menopause and those of these two diseases are very similar, so it's actually difficult to tell.
Symptoms such as depression (feeling low and unmotivated) and insomnia can be seen in menopause, depression, and adrenal fatigue syndrome. Depression can also coexist with menopausal symptoms.

——Adrenal fatigue syndrome is a disease that you may not have heard of.

The adrenal glands are small organs located on top of the kidneys that produce the hormones that humans need to stay healthy.
When the adrenal glands become fatigued due to stress or irregular lifestyle habits, it can lead to mental instability, fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, and decreased concentration. This condition is called adrenal fatigue syndrome, but despite the fact that the adrenal glands are organs that produce hormones essential to sustaining human life, they have not yet received much attention in Japan, so it is often overlooked.

——So what can we do to accurately understand the symptoms of menopause?

As I mentioned earlier, if you experience symptoms that make you think you may be experiencing menopause, the first thing you should do is visit your gynecologist for a female hormone test to determine if you are suffering from menopause.
If it is not menopausal, there is a test to check the condition of the adrenal glands, which can confirm adrenal fatigue syndrome.
If, after these two tests, it is not found that you are suffering from menopausal symptoms or adrenal fatigue syndrome, we recommend that you consult a psychiatrist or psychosomatic physician, as it is possible that you have depression.

WellnessTips>>Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda If you understand properly, you will be able to eliminate the anxiety of menopause.

Self-care to relieve menopausal discomfort

——Being able to accurately know the state of your body will give you peace of mind.

The problem here is that medical practice in Japan is often vertically divided into departments, making it impossible to perform detailed examinations that broadly assess a patient's symptoms and eliminate possible illnesses one by one. is.
At medical institutions that provide nutritional therapy, it is possible to look at symptoms from a variety of perspectives, perform the necessary tests, and provide nutritional guidance for improvement, but the high hurdle is that the patient will have to pay for the treatment themselves. It's going to be.

——Are there any treatments you can do on your own to ease the discomfort you feel during menopause?

Whether you are suffering from menopause, depression, or adrenal fatigue syndrome, you are greatly affected by stress, so it is important to find fun ways to relieve stress. Similarly, sleep is important, so you may want to adjust your sleep environment by preparing your bedding, or if you are reluctant to take sleep-inducing drugs, it may be a good idea to take in CDB oil, which has a relaxing effect.
As I mentioned in "Intestinal activity alone is not enough!? A synergistic effect with 'vaginal care'" published in June 2023, when inflammation occurs in the intestines, the function of mitochondria that produce energy decreases, and you stay healthy. The force required for this will be reduced.
Therefore, it is important to be conscious of the diet that supports the intestinal environment, and to maintain an environment in the vagina where the intestines and resident bacteria can travel back and forth. Taking care of your vagina can have a positive effect on not only your vagina itself, but your entire body. The "human stem cell culture fluid" included in KNOW YOUR ORIGIN's "Beauty Charge -Femcare-" is an ingredient known to activate cells (mucosal membranes). It can be expected to improve vaginal immunity and improve the vaginal environment.

WellnessTips>>Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda If you understand properly, you will be able to eliminate the anxiety of menopause.

Additionally, people who suffer from adrenal fatigue syndrome tend to consume a lot of gluten, sugar, and additives.
Food is the basis for building your body. When your body is in good shape, mental disorders are less likely to occur. By avoiding additives as much as possible and eating a diet that is low in sugar, gluten, and dairy products, you can ease the symptoms of menopause and live a comfortable life.


WellnessTips>>Beauty and anti-aging specialist Manami Kuroda If you understand properly, you will be able to eliminate the anxiety of menopause.

Aimi Kuroda

After working in endocrine and breast surgery and anesthesiology at Tokyo Women's Medical University, she currently works as a beauty and anti-aging specialist. Based on our belief in "beauty and health from the inside and out," we pursue the "beauty and health of our patients" through both an approach to the outside appearance and an approach to the inside of the body based on preventive medicine and nutrition. ing. He was selected to represent Japan in triathlon, and is the author of the book ``51 Best Anti-Aging Diets and 26 Exercise Techniques Taught by an Athlete Doctor'' (Bugeishunju).

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